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Real Estate Attorney
Real Estate Attorney

Consultations, Sales, Leases, Variances, Transactions & Disputes, and more

I have numerous examples of successful experience in commercial and residential real estate law, including (but not limited to):

  • Representing lenders to recover real property through the foreclosure process.
  • Representing landlords in eviction for residential and commercial real estate.
  • Obtaining financing for clients to purchase homes, commercial properties and income-producing properties as a broker for real estate and financing any purchase.
  • Defending landlords or tenants on any issues concerning the landlord/tenant claims.
  • Preparing and presenting requests for zoning variances on new construction or non-conforming land uses.
  • Listing residential and commercial properties for sale as a broker.
  • Boundary disputes between home owners and commercial land owners.
  • Disputes over damage to trees along property line which require testimony of multiple certified arborists and tenured professors/certified arborists which ended in a successful jury trial.

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