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Business Law Attorney
Business Law Attorney


No matter the complexity or scope, I will get the job done. Call me for consultation and representation concerning all business and corporate matters.  Legal services of course include preparation, document review and transaction closings, and more.  I am also experienced in matters concerning personal and business bankruptcy on situations requiring protection under Chapter 7, 11 and 13 of the Bankruptcy Code. I have successfully helped in many such needs, and much more:

  • Advising clients on what type of business entity to establish that best serves their purpose (C-Corporation, S-corp., Limited Liability Company, Partnership, Joint Venture.)
  • Drafting Contracts, conducting due diligence to prepare for closing to purchase an existing business.
  • Preparing all necessary documents to purchase a business and from the initial purchase contract to the closing of the sale.
  • Drafting shareholders Agreements, Buy-Sell Agreements, Operating Agreements for LLC’s, Partnership Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Employment Agreements and any other agreement for transactions that the business entity requires to conduct its daily operations.
  • Representing the Individuals and business that must sue to enforce such agreements.
  • Listing your business for sale.
  • Obtaining financing to purchase a business as an intermediary.
  • Obtaining venture capital for investment or loan financing to expand your business.
  • Represent clients who have been sued on any business matter.
  • Winding-down your business to close the business operations, or after sale of the business assets or to prepare to file bankruptcy.
  • Counseling clients on protecting personal assets from creditors of the business.

In addition, my experience allows me to assist in:


  • Filing all paperwork to recover collateral pledged for loans through replevin; or repossession (cars, appliances etc.)
  • Filing lawsuits to enforce contracts to collect money lent to purchase all types of property (car repossessions, mortgage foreclosures)
  • Representing creditor’s rights in Bankruptcy to collect payments due and obtaining adequate protection orders to secure past due payments.
  • Representing Creditors rights in obtaining a garnishment to enforce judgements after successfully trial of cases in breach of contract.

 Whatever your needs are, I am honored to help you. I look forward to your call at 727-943-9466.