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Like many attorneys’ offices, my office also has a practice of typically providing a free in-person initial consultation. What may not be so typical of an attorney’s office, is that I am candid and up front enough to disclose that in some rare circumstances, an initial fee might be required.  I will let you know very early on if that is the case.  But these circumstances are quite unique and rare.

Once a client requests my services, and I agree to accept this request, I will present a retainer/fee agreement prior to commencement of my representation. Clear communication (like what you are reading now) is a pro-active method that ensures peaceful and expeditious remedy for your legal needs of today – and tomorrow. My decades of experience and knowledge are the remedy for your legal needs.

During our initial meeting, we will together discuss the facts of the case to help determine what course of action is best and right for you. Please know that my personal code of ethical representation compels me to inform you if I feel that I am not the best person to help you, I will candidly communicate that, and help find you an attorney who can best suit your needs. Your interests come before mine.  If I take your case, your trust and interests are paramount for me.  When we begin, I will request this information (and other info as well) in the context of the documentation needed at the beginning, and sometimes throughout the process. To keep us moving along, I ask that my clients return with the completed information within 10 days of its request.  Of course, in the situations where that is not possible, I am happy to assist my client gather such documents and information with my due diligence.  I respect your time. I am here to help keep us moving at a good pace to succeed in the legal remedies you desire.

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